I’m more interested in the BASS CLEFF.

Less interested in the fine tunings.

More interested in the GUTS, the Meat, the Heart; the Real Deal.  You could say, the Primal & Raw experiences (like birth!), opposed to the pretty pictures; the veneer.


Because I desire to be totally free.  Uninhibited.  Reckless.  To throw all caution to the wind; not holding anything back.  1000%.  Diving in Deep.  Constantly Refreshing my perspective to the big picture.  And in so, not missing out due to silly apprehensions/hesitations/fears.  Full expression.  Full digestion.  Full saturation.  To breathe Fully.  To engage Fully.  To settle in.  To Sink in.  Right now, I can best do this by rolling on the floor.  Swinging & swaying with my weight & gravity.  Letting my limbs hang heavy.  Letting my feet drag.  Or at least watching someone else do something similar.  It feels like delicious & beautiful soul food.

Game on.

Posted by:messymonkeyarts

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