I love thinking about the body in physics terms…almost more like an inanimate object that we can play with; not to disconnect, but actually to give more freedom & range of motion in how we move.  When we reconnect with the BARE BONES physics of it all, & get out of all of our sensations (aka:  often pain & other limitations), we are freed to move in ways we had no idea we could.

In my classes we’ve been playing with rolling on the floor with our weight like a baby.  We’ve been pulling each other’s legs & arms while the rest of the body remains a dead weight, & it’s Amazing how much people love it!  And, I love it not only because it feels good (aka:  self-massage), but because it’s taking us back to our very first movements in life which somehow feels surprisingly & refreshingly therapeutic.  We can only experience this kind of freedom of movement if we begin to (re)experience & use some of the dead weight in our bodies & remember to let gravity do half the work.


Just try laying on the floor & letting your bones sink to gravity.  Let the flesh fall off the bones.  Nice, hey?!  RX.

Posted by:messymonkeyarts

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