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the Subtle body,
Not learned by a rote means of Any study by a “Team of Experts”.  No, but rather through DISCOVERY in the arts & the outdoors, which is MOVEMENT. Living. Plants speaking to each other. Vibration. Succumbing to the Tugs & the Pulls of the moon & the tide.

Watching the swell come alive In & Before you.
Filling you up.
with the Natural Rhythms/Truths.

Letting the ego Release & Go Away, to a place of:
Deep stoke & bliss on a Cellular Level.
The release of Oxytocin.
Playing the Piano,
which feels like “Flying”, away from Gravity.
Riding a Wave.
Hugging a Tree.

And, feeling the earth’s Magnetic Pull.
Carrying a Baby in your womb, while she’s swimming in you, weightless.
Yes.  &, giving Birth to a Big, Fat Baby.

Giving way.

Allowing for.

Weight. & Gravity.

to do Half the Work.


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