Bass Cleff

I’m more interested in the BASS CLEFF. Less interested in the fine tunings. More interested in the GUTS, the Meat, the Heart; the Real Deal.  You could say, the Primal & Raw experiences (like birth!), opposed to the pretty pictures; the veneer. Why? Because I desire to be totally free.  Uninhibited.  Reckless.  To throw all…

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50% Gravity

DISCOVERY: Following threads, found in: the Subtle body, Not learned by a rote means of Any study by a “Team of Experts”.  No, but rather through DISCOVERY in the arts & the outdoors, which is MOVEMENT. Living. Plants speaking to each other. Vibration. Succumbing to the Tugs & the Pulls of the moon & the…

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vlog #17, Pink Vineyard

It’s been awhile since I’ve done this, because I’ve been busy, first of all, paddling on my parent’s lake (that I grew up on for some years!)…ahh…RX.  Seriously, I put the phone away, got largely off social media, & AHH, ***RESET!***  Ah – Circadian Rhythm!!  So under-rated!  I then had to come back to a…

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