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I’m an Adventurer.  A Traveler.  A bit of a Gypsy-soul one could say…A seeker/Navigator of the Salty things in the Space (any space).  The Tasty things.  The Heart.  The Roots.  The Hidden Finds.  The Flavor.

I am an SF Bay Area-Californian Mom, with some solid friendly & loyal Midwestern Roots, living in Cape Town raising my familia. I love Cape Town & surrounds, & want to share my insights of “the best of” with you. I am an artist & an experiential curator, who’s been orchestrating trips for people by “default” for years.  I am passionate about giving you local’s insider tips, which I genuinely get the biggest kick & loads of energy out of.  I feel I’m helping you “win”!


I am your “friend from Cape Town” you didn’t know you had!  With me at your side, I will aim to TAILOR & CURATE your adventure particularly with YOU & yours in mind.  Think of this as a BOTIQUE travel consierge, connecting you to the LOCAL land & people through a uniquely local’s lens.  If you are coming here to forage, see the penguins, surf, hike, glamp, discover local designers, volunteer, sit in a pool, or WHAT HAVE YOU, I will point you in the right direction, & connect you with the right people.  I am your personal “Lonely Planet” guide, so-to-speak, eliminating the bulk of the research/guesswork out for you!


We Skype, e-mail, &/or chat via Whatsapp before your trip. I will quiz you a bit, & dig around in your head to try to gauge what kind of a trip you’re looking for.  In addition, once you arrive, I am here to help curate & tweek daily itineraries based on your needs, while avoiding a lot of the unknowns, aka: tourist traps, windy beaches, & dodgy neighborhoods. I can help you find the right accommodation for you & yours, as well as the right ice cream shops, beaches, hikes, music venues, ETC.


It’s the #1 destination on your bucket list!  


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of very positive quality

“His latest CD is kiff.  The film last night was kiff.”

– the Urban Dictionary

Kiff / Kief – cool


Derived from the Arabic kayf, meaning enjoyment or well-being, kiff or kief is most often used to convey similar feelings of nice, cool, great.

– Quora

From former SF BAY AREA clients:

“Kelly gave us some wonderful insider tips on things to do and places to go to in Cape Town as well as the surrounding neighborhoods and suburbs. Her personal recommendations were tailored to our wishes and lifestyle and incredibly personal, she was spot on. We loved her contagious enthusiasm and deep love for South Africa. I wish we had that kind of insights and guidance for all our trips. Thank you Kelly!!” – F. Livingston

“Kelly was a serious godsend to our family, & is seriously talented at what she does.  Our family arrived in Cape Town with only the first night planned out, we knew that there was so much to see and do but felt a little overwhelmed by  how to choose and narrow things down. Fortunately a friend connected us with Kelly and from there it was smooth sailing. She was able to tell us all the highlights that we would want to see and give us a realistic itinerary to fit them all in while also staying in “vacation mode”. She helped us find a fantastic Airbnb in Simon’s Town and even helped suggest good restaurants for Malay food (something I had been craving since my last time in Cape Town). I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her. On the road she continued to give helpful info when we texted her with questions. Her guidance made such a difference and we had an incredible time in Cape Town. “ – M. Ober