Just been thinking about weddings recently.

Flavorful weddings.

I described my wedding in an earlier post.  To brief, let’s put it like this:

“Mexican Fiesta” FEAST,

13-piece Cuban Band!

flamenco  dress.  guitar.

color, color…

red.  Red!

Decadent.  Chocolate.  Cake.

local berries.  whipped cream.



Backdrops: a yellow house with a purple door.  A coral naked lady tree.  A Berkeley moon.

I was looking for authentic flavor.  Life!

I’ve had other thoughts on weddings in the past tho too:

Wedding 1:  barefoot in a field in Sweden, with a wreath around my head (Used to live there!  Used to walk amongst the cows often!).

Wedding 2:  my parent’s backyard in Wisconsin (on the lake!).  The aisle:  the pier.  The “chuppah”:  the pontoon boat.  Brats & ice cream to follow!

I just saw a wedding in my backyard this morning…right on the beach.  simple:  drumming.  rocks.  beach.  toasts.  hurrah.

I just saw a wedding on Facebook:  Halloween.  Everyone in full batman/sonbrrero/elvis garb..  Nice one!

Paige Green just photographed a black tie wedding in a cow field.  I love it!  She said she & Arann (hubby) want to have a wedding every year.  I like that vibe.  I want to do the same!  There are so many angles.

My next one is Mexico:  2014.  10-year anniversary.

Pencil it in!

Paige got married in gumboots.

Paige – you rock!

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