I spent a summer in Copenhagen for a design studio, as part of my (interior) architecture degree.  I have to say – I hated it!

I think it had a lot to do with timing…

Copenhagen (on paper) has a lot going for it:  lots of free bicycles to ride.  a beautiful, walkable, old city center.

But – it didn’t float my boat…

What I was needing was a Siesta in Spain (which I later got).  San Sebastian – ahhhhh!!  Mi amor!

But, there was a moment in Denmark that really clicked for me.

We were on a field trip.  Big, full bus of us.  We stopped in a field randomly.  They said the director of the school had a holiday house here, & he wanted us all to come in.  We had to walk through the field to get there.

But, there was something en route that found everyone more intrigued.  One by one we sneeked & ducked into this low cave.  Ha!  The director of the school didn’t live anywhere near this place.  No – they had tricked us!  Instead, they had filled the cave with candles, & as we walked in, toasted us with a shot of some sort of danish “somethin’ somethin”.  This was my best moment in Copenhagen.

Thank you, Denmark International School!  I ended up really enjoying my final project, but regardless of all of that, this little stint refueled my soul!

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