My fascination with the “space” that is Messy Monkey involves questioning the transition between dance studio & street, bedroom & street, church hall & street.  I’ve grown up feeling a bit “tripped out” at the behaviors of street, bedroom, & church, contrasted to those “on the street”…

Rolling on the floor in the studio, animal-like behaviors in the bedroom, & emotional shouts of “Hallelujah!” in the church make me wonder…

Why do we put on our “street shoes”, & then walk out the door like nothing ever happened?  It sometimes feels like such a stark contrast…

I’m definitely not implying we should continue to walk around naked outside the bedroom.  However, maybe what I am suggesting is that what goes on in those spaces “shouldn’t” necessarily be so often easily categorized into what might be considered:  “naughty & dark” or “cut-and-clean, moral, righteous baby-making” only…

Maybe I am suggesting a bit of rolling around on the lawn after the dance class – at least as a transition…

And, maybe a shout of “Hallelujah!” in the train station can sometimes be a nice reminder of that “other, ‘street’-less” space – don’t ‘ya think?!

It reminds me of when I was standing in the WHOLE FOODS parking lot one day with a couple friends.  This guy walked up with a boombox, wearing a nice suit, & we all swore he was gonna bust a move & start break-dancing right then & there!  We were SO excited!  But, he quickly got nervous & packed it all up, going along on his merry way like he was just yet another passerby.

There’s a certain etiquette.  A certain set of “this is how we do it”.  A certain set of ideas of what is “proper, right, polite”, implying perhaps another sense of “naughtiness, shame & guilt” that I suggest might be reviewed!

All I’m saying is mixing it up a bit helps regain our perspective of the point of it all!  A little blend of stagnant “9 to 5’in” with some fresh hallelujahs may be in order here!, & not just on friday nights or sunday mornings….

Seize the day.  Hallelujah!

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