So – I did a dog-walking stint for awhile.

I have to admit – I felt like a bit of a con-artist…not because I don’t like (sometimes even love) dogs. But because, it wasn’t my passion.

I couldn’t, with a clear conscious, walk around declaring how I loved to walk dogs, etc.

However, I did walk a very sweet dog, & feed a very sweet cat, for a very sweet couple, a few different times. They had moved out to the Bay Area from DC. The woman used to do “team-building” for Congress. She and I met for coffee. When she heard of my ideas, she told me I had to go meet Napier Collyns, one of the founders, of Global Business Network.

If you read his bio, you will be impressed. wow. Napier has been around.

But, when you meet Napier, he is the furthest thing from”intimidating”. No – other words come up for me like – sweet, kooky, fascinating, & simply lovely. Napier & I did meet up for lunch. We had a nice chat about Messy Monkey. But – mostly, he was asking me about my husband. It seemed a bit random, in the best way! He is a people person to the max. He is curious. He asks questions.

When I got home, there was already an e-mail from him, thanking me, & saying how fun it was to meet up. Likewise!

But, because he asked so much about my husband, we actually scheduled a second meeting for all 3 of us to meet. (my husband did have a keen interest in GBN, fyi!)…

At that meeting, I found my husband a little on the nervous side, as he was in the presence of someone he respected highly, but Napier himself asking Saul (aka, husband), why he didn’t have a mohawk.

Like I said – quirky. I love it.

I find myself fascinated to meet these types. These Creators of such profound, creative endeavors.

Napier said if were “the beginning” of GBN – how it was at the beginning, he’d bring both Saul & I on board with his crew. We’d be involved in their Scenerio Plannings – using Messy Monkey as the creative catalyst to get the ball rolling for their more intensive “learning journeys”.

Napier connected us to the right folks at GBN to help land us our very first corporate gig. These are special people. It’s been 2 years, and I still bump into them on the street, remembering their names & faces. Some of them have since helped work with me. Some have even visited me in South Africa.

Here’s to GBN!, & Here’s to Napier!

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