was soo much fun!  🙂

I busted out the Monkey supplies.

There were roughly 30 of us – a couple 4 year-olds, a couple 1-year olds, and the rest:  a smattering 24, 34, & 54 year-olds!  We had the most fun!

bouncy ball races,

hula hooping

games of TWISTER

musical chairs (with bouncy balls & hula hoops as the “chairs”)

duck duck goose

ring around the rosie

(basically, my “fantasy” party!).

I cannot explain how satisfying this is/was for me!

And, the vibe is definitely that once you (collectively) get started, you (collectively) want more, more, more!

It reminds me of the banker who came to one of my initial “trial” gigs for MMA.  We were wearing wigs, and he was scared.  What had he gotten himself into?  I’m telling you, by the end he was yelling for “More Blue Paint!”.  I love it.

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