I just thought I might share a small success story.

We had a client who was very resistant at first to spend any money on team-building, much less any further conflict-resolution for their team.

All they asked of us was to bring back some smiles to the office the following Monday.  This would be considered Large Success.

Smiles were the understatement.

This group was begging for more.  I think they were surprised at the evolution of the day’s events, & the unexpected ways they saw their co-workers behave (aka some special dance moves on the bus!)…

When I went to their office the following Monday, to check the measure of their smiles :), I was informed that they had already sent for a conflict-resolution consultant to help take them to the next level.

This is what I’m talking about.

Such a pleasure to watch a team go through transformation in such a blissful way!

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