IMG_1132This is the backyard I grew up on from 12-18.  After living all over the world (including 2 oceanfront properties), I’d have to say, this is pretty dang epic.

I come here, & I CHILL.  I Feast on the SPACE.  The abundance of parking spaces.  The warm evening air.  The recurring, friendly passersby.  The caterpillar pace of life.  The SIMPLICITY.  I’ll admit my fantasy would be to turn the local “Piggly Wiggly” into a natural health food store co-op, have a vibrant, hip-happenin’ downtown, & a kick-ass progressive school of sorts.  One can dream!  That said, I savor my visits.  The blue herons, the daily swims across the lake, the fireflies, the crickets, the pontoon boat rides to the ice cream shop, the evening kayak trips out the backdoor adorned with headlamps while dodging bats!  QUALITY OF LIFE.

Rx:  Take as much as possible, as often as possible!  No less than once a year.  Live like you’re always camping!  Get wet.  Get dirty.  Get in your own element in the elements!  Swim in the rain.  Slow down & drink it in.

(did I mention my dad was the local pharmacist?)  I guess it runs in the family.  🙂

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