Where to begin?



I’ve been taking Release Technique (Modern) Dance.

I CANNOT EXPLAIN how much I love it.

feast on it.

It is 72-hour bone broth for my soul.

Rx:  Do it every day.

This society is bent more on “contraction”.  On “tightening”, if you will.

On the adrenaline.

On the “hard core”.

The RELEASE has been forgotten.

They think it’s all about the muscle.


It’s about the BONES.

People ask, “Are you doing your art?”.

I’m in-between sets.


I could stand on my board, but there is no wave.

I’m about to turn 40.

(!! I feel 23!).

What do I want to do in my 40’s?

Eat bone broth & do release-technique dance!

YES, I want to do my Project.



The vision is GLOBAL.

(but where to begin?!).

I want to find an old lady sitting on a bench.

sitting on a pile of cash she has no idea what to do with.

She was just like me at 39.

I used to sell apples as my “full-time” gig.

I traveled & made + sold art on the side, & created my company (in tandem).

I Did Not take it lightly.

I was Hell-Bent on selling as many apples as I could, on any given day!

at any given market!

“Don’t mess with the Apple Gal!”

The apples were Brilliant.

I genuinely Loved their flavor/Zing,

I genuinely Loved chattin’ with The Folk,


Local flavor.  Small-town Transaction in such an Urban context…

familiar +


And, all this while, part of me ALSO wanted to do something QUIET.

I wanted to dig in a garden.



to let the earth speak to me in a silent, seedling-like way.

I got that.

Mama gave me 2 babies to Birth.

And, I got to CHILL.

I got to sit under a tree & on a beach & just Feast.

to take in.

to indulge.



other facts:

I drive a hooptie-car in Marin.


Having 2 kids (at 3 & 6) is WAY MORE on your plate than having 2 kids at 1 & 4.

School takes things to a whole new Level.

Hooptie-car-drivin’ Mama is the “room parent”.


I made the roster for the class.

– will organize a teacher-gift.

– volunteer at math centers.

– make pb&j’s.

And I’m reminded that in the chaos,

MOMENT TO MOMENT (in the garden) is the BEAUTY.

In between the pb & the j.

In the contraction, yes.

But, in the Release.

How can we forget our bones?

yes, the “core”.

but Yes!  the Spine!

Somewhere I would love more Babies.

a big family.

a blood-sister.

to talk with.

to connect.

to watch the kids climbing on the rope swing.

holding the chickens.

In the meantime, I watch the Bravermans.

the characters are your friends.  your people.  Your brothers/sisters.

Energetically real.

They make you laugh & cry.

Similarly, Do you ever wonder about someone…

someone connected to you, but not in your life?

These are some of my quandries.

Yes, we are SO CONNECTED.

flesh & bone.

We see our kindergarten teacher at the supermarket on the north side of town!

Do you ever wonder if you should harmlessly “break the rules” for your health + benefit?
It’s all about love & boundaries.

the give & the take.

the inhale.



Bigger Picture.

Do you ever find yourself with a cotton ball in your ear?

sometimes you need it to SLOW DOWN.

My son is a sculptor of Masking Tape.

He says, “If we didn’t have ankles, we wouldn’t be people.”

I just bought a cloth-crown pour moi.

My mom says, “Where will you wear it?!”

At math centers.

In the hooptie-car.

At the supermarket on the north side of town.

Do you ever wonder if you will “find the answer” to a Probing Question?

Do you ever wonder if “the answer” could be sitting quietly at your feet?

like a little seedling coming through the crack of your toes?

and do you ever feel Manic?


THE BONES & the Shells!



ps – I don’t like things “too” refined.

Usually, I find it boring.

Could I do it?


That said, I do think it’s helpful to brush my teeth.


Flossing is good too.  (gums)

Maybe you really are badass.

Maybe your kids are cute, & you really do go to Bora Bora.


But, I like to see you in the flesh & the bone, & to Experience for Real.

With the lines on your face.

There are too many doctors.

Too many options.

Maybe the best idea is so simple (& ancient?).

Cook with chicken feet.

Bones imply SPACE.

We forget to look around.


(chicken) Image from paulmidler.com


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