I find it a bit hard to explain my Project in a nutshell…in an “elevator pitch”…

Some may say, “It’s about Joy.  It’s about Play.”

Yes – those things are involved for sure!, but in a sense it’s more about “Pinch me, I’m alive!”  I suppose if I had a tag line – this could be an option!

It’s about Remembering – being Reminded – that  Life is more than a “9-5″…more than the “rigamorole”, the mundane, health insurance; & surely more than one’s simple “survival”…

It is about “Remembering our pulse” (another tag line?)…

About looking at the Bigger Picture…

A Perception.  A theory.  A philosophy, if you will, of it’s own kind!

I’ve often said, “My intent is to take something simple like a leaf, or a carrot, or a fat lady’s bum; & give it the glory it deserves.”

It’s about the Celebration.  About taking something simple – that may have become “everyday”, & remembering it’s Glory…

I often find that I crave to do this with food, with birthing a baby…&/or maybe with the simple human existence!

Perspective:  It is just another apple?  Or, is this a Ripe Piece of Fruit popping with juicy-amazingness?!

Is giving birth a pain in the xxx (so to speak)?!, or actually a beautiful & incredible opportunity to feel what it feels like to erupt as a volcano, in the most potentially empowering experience of one’s life (I realize this analogy may bring some controversy!)…

Is being a part of this life about “What you do?”…about avoiding any risks or criticisms?  About climbing the ladder?  About your 401k?

OR – is it about “Who you are?”…about what you may have to say to the world?  About stripping your inhibitions? – because where did they arise from?  And who took your “human right” to live your dreams/passions away anyway?…to believe in the impossible?,  to break the “petty”, innocent rules (like eating steak for breakfast?!, or wearing your pajamas all day?!)…

Are you living your life as tho you may be “shamefully criticized” around the next corner?, or possibly Deeply Adored?  (ooo – this is getting deep, I know!)…

I guess the gesture from here is that we all feel “safe” enough not to be so afraid to take some of these risks…or even just toy with them a little!  (whatever it takes!…Even in the privacy of your own parameters?!)…

Jon Foster Pedley (professor at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town) asks his students, “How many of you can sing?”  Maybe 2 of the people rasie their hands.  He then asks, “Imagine you’re 5.  How many of you can sing?”  Of course Everyone raises their hands!

This is freedom.

This is beauty.

This is “seeing the apple as a piece of amazing juiciness”.

This is perspective.

This is empowerment.

This is a room full of happy individuals, Alive, ready to sing at the top of their lungs!, or draw with purple all over their toes no matter what it looks like!!

This is Remembering what it feels like to be Inspired!

No – these kids have not had to sit at the DMV.  They have not had to pay for health insurance yet.  Hopefully they have not had anyone telling them they “can’t do” this/that!, & that they’re “not” singers”…blah blah blah (boring!).

All I’m saying is, I believe Everyone has the basic right to sing at the top of their lungs, to really Enjoy their apple, & to jump on a bed (of course!) in their swimming suit at 87 on the beach!

Take the bull by the horns!

I’m not saying Every single apple has to be an orgasmic experience, or even that Every moment has to be like a choir of angels…

But, it’s just a reminder that it’s all there if you need it, & I dare you to do what you need to do to remember it’s earth-shattering pulse!

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