Go visit the Olympia Cafe & Deli now-now for the month of October!  Some of my favorite BED JUMP prints are on the wall, for sale NOW!

Go for a seafood linguine, a coffee, a fresh pastry, or (the list goes on!), while you’re at it!!

134 Main Road
7975 Kalk Bay South Africa

Behind the Scenes Story:

What?!  You don’t know the Olypmia Cafe & Deli?!  The Olympia is an icon in Cape Town.  Honestly – beats any 5-star restaurant I’ve been to in the San Francisco Bay Area in a heartbeat!  And – bonus! – the fish comes straight in from the sea – the food is Fresh!, & the staff – Real!

Kenneth (owner) called me up to confirm the time of the jump.  He asked if it’d be ok to get it in there earlier, as he didn’t want his regulars to miss out.  He was on his way to A.P. Jones to get a pair of pajamas, as he wanted to do coffee/breakfast in bed.  ok – LOVE HIM!  This was SUCH a fun shoot.  As we rallied different staff to jump, the packed place (as usual!) was all the while shouting, “JUMP!  JUMP!  JUMP!”, etc.

Please check our video to get a bit of a piece of the action!  🙂

Olympia Cafe Bed Jump!:
Location: Olympia Cafe, Kalk Bay
Conceptualist/Producer: Kelly Vaagsland Wainwright
Photographer: Antonia Steyn
Photographic Assistants: Kristin Lee Moolman
Lighting: Digital Brothers
Sponsors: Bed King, Mr. Price Home, Restorabilia, Peninsula Runners

Letter-Size (A4) Limited Edition Print:
R650 (south african rands)
US Dollars: $123

A2 Size Limited Edition Print:
R1500 (south african rands)
US Dollars: 265

We ship anywhere, & we take credit cards via Paypal.
Go to www.playjumpeat.com, & send us a mail with your order, &/or send us a msg here.

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