We did a shoot yesterday morning in Kalk Bay harbor.
We filled a small fishing boat with about 30 cabbages, & 30 bundles of carrots.  We grabbed a lonely fisherman on the shore, & asked if he would model for us.  He more than willingly threw on his oilskins & gumboots, & sat perfectly still for us for about 40+ minutes!  My new photographer, Charley Pollard, was thrilled that she had found the “best model” she had ever worked with.

My friend Angela was helping us on the shoot, & had a little chat with Noor shortly after.  She asked him how he felt.  He said, “So happy.”  While sitting amongst all the cabbage & carrots, he imaged he really had just come in from a great catch.  He was just soaking in the bounty!

Oprah – did you hear that?!
This is a true, tear-jeaker, Human story!!
We love you, Noor!

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