This is my amazing friend Sol, dancing in the trees at Oak Couture!
She was our female model for the surfing BED JUMP series.  We immediately thought of using her again for the OAK COUTURE series, but thought it would be best to optimize the bounty of models in Cape Town!
However, she got her chance anyway!  Sol came to check it out on Saturday, the day the “tree dressers” were working their magic.  And, she got to dance in the trees!
Sol has lived in Cape Town for numerous years, but is a Spanish native, & a real, live flamenco dancer.
I love these images!
Spanish dancer smothered in fiery red, red!
*I must confess my original vision consisted of dancers amongst the trees.  Sol felt the call, & jumped right into it, helping to make it all real!  Muchos Gracias, Amiga!!
This is not the end of this story!!

Photo again by Claire Homewood.

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