I was laughing at myself, lying in bed last night…

What if I named my boy something like “Papa Smurf”?

I don’t believe there are any rules against such things.

1 – would I get arrested?

2 – would my boy hate me?

3 – would he inevitably end up a mainstream rapper?

4 – or a favorite ball player (“Babe Ruth” – huh?!)…these things are fun to yell in the stands!

5 – or maybe an accountant with feathered hair living in a cul-de-sac (or a mushroom?) with a slightly overweight wife?

(oh my!)…

“What’s in a name?”

The truth is, we’ll probably end up naming him something like Billy, Bob, or Hank (equally as cruel?)…

Boys names – hmm!  It makes me wonder!  (tho I have to admit – Billy is cute!  come on now!)…

But regardless of all of this – you’ve gotta know – I LOVE my baby!!!

(the little 6 cm of joy floating in ambiotic fluid kickin’ it right now) – I saw him on the scan! – arms behind the head, feet crossed – LAZY BOY style…


Posted by:messymonkeyarts

3 replies on “Should I name my boy “Papa Smurf”?

  1. Well…what is in a name…I love my name, and I think Eyala’s name rocks!! So, am sure we will find the most absolutely perfect name for little aka. johnny cowboy

    But – what ever name we pick we will be sure to avoid getting arrested for it.

    🙂 Mwaaa

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