There’s so much going on in the world of MESSY Monkey right now it’s ridiculous!

So – basically, we are doing a huge remodel!

Messy Monkey Arts Teambuilding is becoming MESSY MONKEY ARTS CREATIVE CONSULTING AGENCY.

Yes – we still offer teambuilding. But, we also offer so much more!

One of the main avenues we have turned down, is that I have recorded a cd with my next door neighbor Frank Zincavage (“Romeo Void”. 1980’s…ring any bells?!), for a product called: PARTY IN A BOX.

Basically, I’m going to be opening up the heart of what we’ve been doing at Messy Monkey to any & everybody! (if you are age 5 to 105).

I am essentially making party kits. Inside your kit you will get:

a tarp, tyvek suits, paint, canvases, brushes, paint tins, & numerous other things to paint with.

Along with this will of course come instructions on how to set it all up, as well as the cd I’ve recorded that, once you pop in, will give you all the music & instructions you need to lead you through the activities!

We see this as a lovely addition to any event, be it corporate, bachelorette, bar mitzvah, or birthday.

Again- there are numerous contexts that the PIAB can fit into, both educational & completely nonsensical; & along these lines, entirely expandable to suit your needs (I’m still up for doing a gig in Golden Gate Park with 10,000 people!) 🙂

More to come soon on this!

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