Integration, vlog #5

Conceptulist/Producer: Kelly Wainwright Videographer: Cara Luft (beach), Kelly Wainwright (hallway), KeeKee Buckley (pier), Shot on iPhone 6 Editor: Kelly Wainwright (c) Kelly Wainwright, 2018 *Please note! I’ve Never been to Burning Man (or Africa Burn). This post is NOT JUST for the burners! This is for the HUMANS!: The church-goers, the dance-hall-goers, AND/or the burners…for…

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WTF?! Where’s the fun?!

Let me try to explain: THE WHY?! From where I stand, most (if not all?!) babies are born in Bliss.  Most children retain this for “X-amount” of time until…what happens?  School?  Adulthood?  What’s the moment of shift, so often, from birth to corporate life?  From baby-bliss to the fear of retirement?  Does the whole life-experience…

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