“What a great idea! A unique, fun, & cool experience for all ages & seriousness levels…You have a wonderful service that no one can rival.” – Alex A., Google

What is it?

Messy Monkey Art’s PARTY IN A BOX is a unique play & painting experience for all ages, which includes:

  • Our signature “Pictionary Olympics”, combining classical “Pictionary”-like drawing games with 1980’s-recess activities, including jump-roping, bouncy-balling, leap-frogging, & hula-hooping.
  • Once transformed into our white, paper suits, we begin to paint our “whole selves” (& our neighbors!) to the tune of the “Hokey Pokey”.
  • Groove alongside the tunes of Frank Zincavage (Romeo Void) who produced the custom cd for our “Musical Canvases”, where we provide unconventional tools to paint with on canvases to 8 contagious little ditties .
  • End with the Paint-Off.  Don’t use your hands!  Get your neighbor/co-worker/best friend or enemy painted with the paintbrush on your hard hat!
  • Title & Price your paintings, & take them home to remember every day!IMG_1664

“Party in a box was so great which made it so fun and I would definitely do it again. “ – Dylan T., 14 yrs. old

What age is it for?

4 to 104

Kids to grown-ups alike!


“My day with Messy Monkey Arts was by far one of the most fun days I have ever had. To be creative, spontaneous, & silly with my colleagues in a beautiful setting provided a well-needed break from the day-to-day grind. I can’t recommend a day with Messy Monkey more!” – Jeanne S., Global Business Network

Who is it for?

Kid’s birthday parties Adult birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, unconventional weddings, team-building events, ETC.  You name it!




“Messy monkey delivers! With their mad capped concepts and creativity inspiring games, they got my client’s team mobilized for fun in no time flat!” – Jud Y., Executive Director, Inspire My Event

Is it Messy?


Version 2

“I loved the Messy Monkey party in a box! It was a fun bonding experience and I was left feeling creatively inspired and more playful and adventurous” – Dave Duarte, CEO, Treeshake, Cape Town, South Africa

Do you take care of the mess?


Version 2

“Kelly is a force of nature and the Messy Monkey Arts experience is a crazy, creative, fun-filled adventure like nothing you’ve ever done before. The experience is designed to build teams, tap into your creativity and have fun!…For a truly memorable group outing that no other team-building exercise can match, choose Messy Monkey Arts!” – Michael (Coop) Cooper, Business Coach at Innovators & Influencers

Where do you do it?

We do it in your backyard or driveway or preferred private outdoor space.

We can also do it in garages or industrial spaces that have room to get messy/get hosed down!

We are currently serving the Cape Town, South Africa vicinity. Give us a shout if you are a bit further afloat, & we’ll see how we can accommodate you!

IMAG0313 (1)

“Kelly’s program is an innovative way to create a strong team while challenging their right brain. I highly recommend Messy Monkey to anyone who wants to have fun.” – Jerry Ervin, President, Paragon Strategies

Why do you do it?!

After 10 years of evolution, PARTY IN A BOX is an empowering outside-the-box experience with the potential to alter your life path &/or give you an unforgettable, unconventional day laughing alongside your friends in white suits painting with fly swatters!  Never underestimate the RX of play for any age, on any day!  We gently lead you into 1 packed hour of exploration & play to free you of the daily grind + habitual inhibitions.


“Messy Monkey Arts rocks!  Our team had a fabulous day!  Every time we thought the best thing had happened, we turned around and there was another awesome activity.  Everyone came out of the day inspired.  We now have a game plan for moving forward with our ground breaking work in public health and technology.” – Deb Levine, Executive Director, ISIS

How long does it take?

We will be at your party for 1 hour of packed play.

We can also do continual rounds of painting extravaganza “parties” with 10 people at a time all night long.


“I am a HUGE fan!  Kelly & her…team blew our minds, far exceededing our expectations with the most innovative fundraising event I’ve ever been a part of.  Our attendees raved about the event and we can’t wait for the next one!” – Betsy M, Parent of Peralta Elementary School, Oakland

How Much Does It Cost?

$675 for 20 people or less, including 2 staff, all supplies, set-up, clean-up, & know-how

Contact us to request info for bigger parties.

How do I book an event?

Write us below & we’d be happy to find a date!

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