Bed Jump

“Kelly Wainwright’s delightful Cape Town series, PlayJumpEat. See The Arch jumping! Good medicine on a sunny day.” – Vanessa Raphaely, Ex-Content Director of CosmopolitanSA, MarieClaireSA, House&LeisureSA, & GoodHouseSA “Bed Jump” is a photo series conceptualized by Kelly Wainwright in 2009.  She was playing with play, & needed to take her concepts to a much larger…

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Bed Jump Fishermen

How did I never add this photo before?!  By far one of our best shots! Photographer:  Inge Prins Conceptualist:  Kelly Vaagsland Wainwright We walked up to the fishermen who’d just come out the boat, slightly disgruntled.  We kindly asked if they’d get on the bed.  With a bit of dragging feet, they hopped on up,…

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