It’s been awhile since I’ve done this, because I’ve been busy, first of all, paddling on my parent’s lake (that I grew up on for some years!)…ahh…RX.  Seriously, I put the phone away, got largely off social media, & AHH, ***RESET!***  Ah – Circadian Rhythm!!  So under-rated!  I then had to come back to a different hemisphere & a different season (summer/heat to winter/cold in a Drought!)…So – no more Luxurious baths or flushing of toilets, & get ready to wear 8 layers a day & make endless fires (thank God for wood!, tho Cranking through it!).  South Africans are not Huge fans of insulation, double-paned windows, or central heat.  So – you just surrender to it, go into “hibernation”, get into the mode, & hide away for a few months.

This is my attempt to Slowly crawl out of my nest.  Hello weird cyber-world!

Again – why am I doing this?  (reminding myself?!)  😉

It’s movement, even for myself.  It’s the journey, not Necessarily the “outcome”.  Will I become a YouTube star?  VERY LIKELY!  😉  But, if not, it’s a tool.  A medium to dabble with.  Why do people paint?  Write?  Sing?  Dance?  I found this particular hodgepodge of: dance in everyday places mixed with voiceover, video, & beats working for me.  I love the conceptual/charrette aspect of it (THIS is my thing/my groove/my space/my happy place, no matter What I’m doing)…

And to throw it up on the world wide web, & why?!  Well, tho I find the whole thing VERY bizarre, let’s try:  traction, momentum, as one thing leads to the next.  It connects:  reminding us of others singing a similar song, perhaps in a slightly different but inspiring tone?!  & potential  inspiration to those who never “thought of it that way”.  It brings visuals into this particular context & landscape, sharing concepts (sans preaching):  sound-bytes/homeopathic visuals…the ease of “installation” w/ me-myself-&-I as opposed to permits & models…3-second renderings, because we have the tools in this modern century, for better or for worse, as we are called to share our ‘expressions’/voices/language/hues/unique patterns & reflections in the world, are we not? Be it a midwife or a passionate horse rider, a doctor, visual artist, hair stylist, fashion designer, mother of 8.  A surfer, all alone on the wave, is still participating in his own sharing & “calling” if you will, if he is engaged in his stoke/bliss;  riding the wave in more than one way.  It takes courage, bravery, & a belief to immerse oneself & dive in, no matter what exactly that means; a Trust in oneself.  A commitment to authenticity, despite any reactions, outcomes, or severe & inevitable misunderstandings.  A surrendering, if you will, not knowing ‘what the what’.  Just knowing what I know now, & indulging in it.  Keeping it really quite simple.

Chew on that.

Peace out!

Conceptualist: Kelly Wainwright
Videographer: Koleka Sofuthe
Editor: Kelly Wainwright
(c) Kelly Wainwright, 2018

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