Conceptulist/Producer: Kelly Wainwright
Videographer: Koleka Sofuthe
Voiceover: Kelly Wainwright
Editor: Kelly Wainwright
Shot with an iPhone 6+
Edited with iMovie
(c) Kelly Wainwright, 2018

Let me explain a bit about the process of these videos:

I get an outfit (recently, thanks to AFRO DIZZY ACTS), I find an inspiring site/location, sometimes one I’ve had my eye on for months, sometimes essentially my backyard, depending on the weather, the amount of time we have to shoot, &/or what is inspiring me that day.  I usually take my “partner in crime”, Koleka Sofuthe out with me to shoot.  She is the best sidekick I could ask for!  She is encouraging, & a FULL BELIEVER in what I’m doing!  She has spoken Xhosa to help get me into the right locations, etc., & she’s a maestro at the iphone video camera.  🙂  I often have her dance as well, as she’s got the moves.

We never normally dance to music.  (this may change, as we’ll soon be collaborating with DJ Eppelsauce).  We just dance, & not for long.  A little snippet here, a snippet there…Whatever moves.  Sometimes we’re in more public spaces.  Sometimes we’re in the middle of nature.

It is all very conceptual & driven by the GUT (where I do my best work).  It is not overly-thought-out at all.  We take the footage home, & I get busy editing.  Again – intuition being the driving force of what I keep, what I take out, saturation levels, the beat, the pace…I take some free music off the web that is legal for YouTube, & find what best fits my “moves of the day”.  I then do a voiceover (whatever is inspiring me in the moment), & place it over top.  VOILA!

I am hugely inspired by this medium.  I love the layers of movement:  dance, voiceover, music.  I love the serendipity of how it seems to work out:  how the music matches the dance without trying.  How the words pop unintentionally.

Sometimes it’s serious banter.  Sometimes it’s my alter-ego, PREACHER JAN, coming out to speak.  Sometimes it’s comical.  Sometimes it’s a concoction of all of the above.  You may like it for the moves.  You make like it for the banter.  You make simply resonate with 3 of them. You may like some on a Tuesday.  It is what it is, & I feel Hugely driven to do it, for better or for worse, for good or for evil (no, all love, people!).  I’ve never been a big social-media person.  But, I feel compelled to share this with the world.  Viva la vida!  Que cera cera!


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