It’d been awhile.  My Big Baby had kicked Messy Monkey out of the cradle!  But, I got a call.  An 11-year old girl was eager to get messy for her birthday.  I fiddled with numbers, supplies, & logistics.  As the “Big Baby” might say, “Let’s do this Thang!”…

Well, we did it.  And, we had a blast!  It’s always a good sign when not only the client is laughing, but you’re laughing too.  I couldn’t take photos of painting faces & moments of 11-year old freedom & hysteria.  But, here is just a small glimpse:  

When was the last time you had a big glob of yellow paint on your big toe?  When was the last time you used glitter paint with a fly swatter?Rest assured, more of this to come!  Give me a call if you wanna be first in line!


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