Amazing poem from my friend’s 10-year old daughter:

I am from the painting of a hummingbird hanging on the kitchen door From my cozy bed that I sleep in every night And blackberry apple crisp made fresh I am from the growing maple tree in my sweet smelling backyard Noisy, warm The loud noise of my sister singing in the morning I am from the fern growing in my backyard The juicy strawberries sprouting from blossoms I’m from driving up to Lake Tahoe for Christmas eating hard milk chocolate And the dark hair flowing in the cool autumn wind From *(Mom) and (Dad) I’m from the food made fresh and delicious from hard working hands From “Make your bed” From “Brush your teeth” I’m from chanting in the living room with people from far away I’m from my grandpa’s delicious barbecue made only in Brazil From spaghetti made with fresh tomato sauce and banana bread bought from the bakery From the time we got our striking black dog The sweet music my dad makes I am from creativity.
*She used her parents real names here, but I wanted to keep them all anonymous.
Parents – you have done something right here!
She is beautiful.
Posted by:messymonkeyarts

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