I have to share this letter recently sent to me from the Fairy Godmother:

Hi Kelly
As I type this, I am sitting and looking at the palm trees and beach of the second happiest country in the world, The Dominican Republic.  (The happiest is Costa Rica; the USA ranks 114; South Africa 118 and the unhappiest country is Zimbabwe) Read More
Often in my talks I use the simple logic that to BE Happy and Fulfilled, we need to DO the things that make us Happy and Fulfilled.  Sounds simple, right?   Yet why do so few of us actually do it?
Observing the Dominicans, I have realised that they DO the things that make them happy – they DANCE (the salsa club behind my apartment is alive and kicking every night); they walk on the beach; swim in the sea, spend time building relationships, and they take life “tranquillo” – which means really easy.   As a result – they are happy.   Bianca, an Italian women who lives here, commented – “Europeans have everything and are always complaining.  These Dominicans have so little and are always so happy.”
It is time to simplify life and just focus on the things that make me happy and fulfilled….  I encourage you to do the same.
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