What does my mama think about me producing photographs like this?

In reality, I think I might just like to take all of her friends & put them in a field (let’s say 10 of them?), & throw in like 5 supermodels interspersed, to take a similar photo.

Something about this seems really beautiful to me (tho maybe slightly a return of “Calendar Girls”?, with a bit of a twist?!)

Though I think I may be very hard-pressed to get her (& her friends!) to do it, somewhere I think the idea might just make my mama laugh.

All in all, my mama is an amazing supporter & (#1) fan of my work, though she herself would never ask the church ladies to jump on a bed!!

Thanks, Mom!!

This photo was Conceptualized & Produced by Kelly Vaagsland Wainwright, & Photographed by the very cool Charley Pollard

Posted by:messymonkeyarts

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