Dearest Frank Gehry, Dairy Farmer, High School Cheerleader, Cowboy, Dalai Lama & crew –

I recently completed a section of a project in Cape Town, South Africa that I think you might be fond of, & I would in fact Love to ask you to be a part of now.

In a nutshell, I got the Archbishop Desmond Tutu to jump on a bed!

In addition to him, I got local Cape Town maids, surfers, & fishermen to jump (for example) all in their own contexts.

I, the conceptual artist, worked with 4 professional photographers to capture a gorgeous & strikingly light & positive photo series we are calling PlayJumpEat, with our key words being:  joy  beauty  abundance  play  juxtaposition

We received a great smattering of press on it, including the likes of the following:

We are now taking the project to the States, capturing “quintessential Americans” jumping on the bed, including the likes of:
hunters in Wisconsin, P. Diddy (if we are so fortunate!), taco truck works, cheerleaders, gospel church singers, Frank Gehry, & UPS drivers, etc.
We plan to make a BOOK & have at least one AUCTION, which would help benefit:
Philani – Child Health & Nutrition Project, a community-based NGO out of Khayelitsha (Cape Town’s largest township) serving women & children, referred to us by the Archbishop Desmond Tutu who is a patron of theirs.

To see more of what I’m talking about please take a look here!:


I thought you would be a great fit with my light, positive, & inspiring project.  I would be Greatly Honored if you would participate!! I’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions re: the “why”, the history, the process, the response, etc., etc., etc.

We don’t know when we’d be shooting yet.  We’d be happy to look at working around your schedule.

Thanks for your time & consideration!


ps – this will take no more than 30 minutes of your time!

Thanks again!

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