Hi Kelly

Last week I sprinkled Fairy Dust at the Opening of the South African Parliament.
To bring some magic to SA for 2011; to inspire the leadership of this country to have clear
long-term VISION and goals for this country and most importantly, for FUN!

Are you having fun yet?
If not, then why not?

Life is a fun, magical and playful experience and if we live it that way then the job of turning our dreams into reality becomes SO much easier.     Too many of us are postponing the ‘fun now’ for the ‘payoff later’…. The problem with that philosophy is the fact that Tomorrow Never Comes.

So take 2 minutes now to ponder what fun you are going to have or make for yourself and others this week…. Write down 5 things and then go and do them and ENJOY!!

Make this month Fun February!!

Wishes and Magic
P.S. Serendipity!

Posted by:messymonkeyarts

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