I was one of the artists in Cape Town’s very cool performance art festival, INFECTING THE CITY, with my project, “JUMP!” where I brought the bed to a different city street corner almost everyday to ask the people on the street to jump on The Bed! (yes – the same one I had Desmond Tutu jump on!!)

Here is a sampling of some of my lovely jumpers! 🙂  Please see my INFECTING THE CITY photo album on my facebook fanpage for more!

For more on the project as a whole, go to:  http://www.playjumpeat.com
*I wanna thank Jane Mull for helping me take some of these ITC pics!, & to Brett Bailey & all those at Spier, Africa Centre, & Infecting the City for letting me be a part of the fun.  I Loved it, & am thrilled & honored to have been a part of it.

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