I realize this may sound naive & ignorant, but nonetheless, as a simple grain of salt, try it on!…

Some (Apparently very reputable!) people share the notion that the industrial revolution was all about making life a bit easier for us.

Technology & machinery, etc. would help “lessen” the world load…

And has it?…

Well………….it seems to me there is a pretty great majority (of us) in this well-greased, modern, industrial society that (unfortunately) choose to tend to
Work like Maniacs!…

I understand we’re not all slaving in the fields anymore, & that certain things have to get done, etc.

But, I’m talking about Priorities, & the Bigger Picture…

I think too often people find themselves Sitting in front of their computers for endless hours & forgetting Why or How they got there to being with…

They are (often) “too busy” for nearly any/everything…

Vacations, weekends, & time spent with family & friends (aka: things we may deem as the “Quality of LIfe”) are looked at as frivolous & “guilty” pleasures…

Hang on Society!…WHAT UP?!?!

Some of these (apparently Very Reputable) people have the notion that over some time humans will realize & figure out how to manifest & actualize this premonition that we are here to be Creative Beings…to live out & fulfill these desires that we have – living close to nature, & dancing with playful activity, creativity, & our favorite people!…And further – that it is not merely a dream of “frivolous” notion, but that it is all possible to be lived out!…& not only Possible, but Necessary!

So – Here’s to that!

Posted by:messymonkeyarts

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