I just discovered this pic looking through some of my own personal pics…

So – How much do I LOVE this light in Cape Town?

How much do I Love these people for gettin’ their oilskins & gumboots on, & Jumping on the bed!!


For the final “Bed Jump!  Fishermen” pic, please see here

And, Please see more pics, & more on the whole project at:  http://www.playjumpeat.com

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And, for more on The “Bed Jump!  Fishermen” Story:

This was a fun shot. We got to the harbor & asked
3 tired, slightly disgruntled fishermen if they would jump. They seemed a bit on the resistant side, but their boss (a younger woman), shouted that they must! “It’s for a good cause!”…But, I must say, once they hit mid-air, it was hard to wipe the grins off their faces.

Then, 2 other fishermen came running towards us in full oil-skin attire screaming that “they wanted to jump too!”. We gave them some fish, & voila! They got the prize-winning photo!

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