just thought I might share the “Glory” of the Belly!

Truth is – I’ve been thinking about doing a “Babymama” blog all on it’s own.  But – in the meantime, I thought I’d say a thing or 2 right here, right now, on Messy Monkey – because it’s really ALL connected!

Actually – I think it speaks for itself…

Ripe fruit.

Woman bearing Baby.

I feel Lucky & Fortunate to be able to participate in & experience this empowering & truly incredibly mind-blowing “adventure”.

I could write a book about my first birth – from pregnancy through infanthood.

But for now, this is just an ode to the Belly.  To Baby #2.  To the little guy jumping around inside my womb, who will soon decide to come & greet us on “this side” of Life!

I love you, little “Johnny” (womb-name), &, all I can say is – I am on my knees in speechless awe & overwhelming Gratitude.  (as “Berkeley” as this may be/sound!)…All so true.  All for (Very, Very) real.

Big Love, Kiss kiss, & Amen.

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One thought on “the Belly (in Golden Sycamore):

  1. Yes, my little “Johnny” boy welcome to our little family. We are a blessed family to have one lovely healthy little girl and now we get another little healthy boy. thanks and much gratitude to Life.

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