Behind the Scenes Story:

I had originally wanted raw wool to be part of the Oak Couture series.  But – getting THAT MUCH wool donated was a Little on the crazy side.  I called Imhoff Farm one day to see if they might have any extra wool on hand.  Lovely farmer Soren said they did have a couple bags from their sheep, Stuart.  Ironically Tina (the model) & I were on our way to the Tertia Kindo Arts Project (the dance school/charity), which was right by Stuart’s pasture.  So – we popped in.  I think it was then that I got the idea to instead have the model herself wrapped in the raw wool – mud, straw, & all!, standing in the pasture with him.  When/if we had the auction, they would also walk down the ramp together.

Tina was the obvious model to me, with her “wooly” hair & obvious gorgeous stature, etc.  This was to be a true “beauty” shot.  I had something very “Scotland” in mind…The bonus here was that Tina herself was a costume designer.  So – I went & picked up the 2 bags of raw wool from Soren one day – promising to bring them back when we were done for the group of knitting-ladies he knew  🙂

Tina whipped up two dresses.  One more “Flinstone”  (as above), where we exposed the soft, clean side of the wool (that was keeping Stuart warm!), & another “wedding dress”, where we exposed the rough outer side.

*Tina is a true model. She still looked Lovely after getting peed on by Stuart. He was quite smitten by her, but had to mark his territory.

Photo by Saul Wainwright


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