As you may have picked up on, I am trying to get The infamous Ms. Oprah Winfrey to jump on THE BED!

It only makes sense to me.

After over a year working on PlayJumpEat in South Africa, I am back in the States, & wanting to move the project this side.  What that means is that I need & want to take about 70 more images with a good handful more celebrities involved…in addition to the amish, school bus drivers, diner workers, & cowboys, of course!  This is the whole premise of PJE…We were ALL born babies who turn into kids who like to jump on a bed, who all turn into:  rappers, models, mothers, surfers, & garbagemen.  Nonetheless, we are all still humans, whom at any age or social status can return to the bed & jump on it!  This is where the bed is a symbol of humanity, tying us all together (go ahead! – shed a tear!)…

Oprah seems the next most perfect fit in terms of celebrity-dom.  Since the beginning of this project was based entirely in South Africa, she’s a beautiful tie-in, as her heart is very much in that space.  We were featured in the July edition of the “O” magazine there, & of course we had the Lovely Archbishop Tutu jump on the bed as well (whom we all know she knows & adores along with the rest of us!)…

Our project is linked with the Philani – Child Health & Nutrition Project. We all know that Oprah is keen to support the likes of things like these…

Our project is built on the key words:

PLAY JOY BEAUTY ABUNDANCE & JUXTAPOSITION, which seem to also be right down her alley!

Not only did we have quintessential CapeTonians jumping on a bed (including the Archbishop), we had a fleshly white woman showering next to a fleshly black woman arm-in-arm in the middle of a field (backs to the camera), wearing nothing but shower caps & gumboots. Talk about Beauty, Joy, & Abundace?!  And down Oprah’s alley?!…The shoe just seems to fit!

So Please Oprah – join us in this Beautiful initiative, & Jump on Our Bed!


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