Behind-the-Scenes Story:
Through a friend of a friend, we found Mr. Zsa Zsa Zsa, who kindly took us to the shack in Khayelitsha (Cape Town’s largest township) we were looking for: Pink, with a view.

He helped me ask the owner if she would mind if we wrapped her shack & photographed it. She seemed to be rather amused, signed the “model release form”, & that was that! We had a handful of women and children quietly watch us during the process.

Special thanks to Tracy from Shine Shine Fabrics for letting us use her Obama fabric.

Mwah to you all!: including Ms. Tracy Shine Shine, Mr. Zsa Zsa Zsa, the owner of the pink shack, my lovely assistant Jessica Collins, & my rockstar photographer Charley Pollard

Featured in ELLE DECOR!

Shack Couture:
Location: Khayalitsha
Conceptualist/Producer: Kelly Vaagsland Wainwright
Photographer: Charley Pollard
Assistants: Jessica Collins
Fabric Design/Sponsor: Shine Shine

Letter-Size (A4) Limited Edition Print:
R650 (south african rands)
US Dollars: $123

A2 Size Limited Edition Print:

R1500 (south african rands)
US Dollars: 265
We ship anywhere, & we take credit cards via Paypal.

Go to, & send us a mail with your order, &/or send us directly at:  messymonkeyarts (at) gmail (dot) com

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