Behind-the-Scenes Story:
I called Zolani, the lead singer of Freshlyground one day long ago, to see if she might be up for mc’ing our upcoming PlayJumpEat! Auction. I simply got her # from a friend of a friend, & I have to say – she was So Very Sweet.
She felt a bit apprehensive at the prospect of mc’ing (as this is not really what she does!), … but sounded really excited when she thought I had actually called her to jump on the bed!
At this I thought, “Well – we must make This happen!”.
My original vision was of Zolani jumping on Signal Hill visually in mid-air in between Lion’s Head & Table Mtn. – a perfect place for The perfectly quintessential Capetonian band!
I arranged the shoot with the whole band, & Lo & Behold, it was foggy that night! But alas! We couldn’t even really consider rescheduling with these globe-trotting stars as their time is quite Precious and of considerable high-demand…
So – we – as we do with art & installation & photography and “live” projects – took the clouds as “serendipity” & also very quintessentially “Cape Town”!
So – no – the white background is most certainly not a studio backdrop…This is Freshlyground atop Signal Hill bravely jumping against the windy chills of a Cape Town sundowner!
Mucho thanks to all of you!!

Freshlyground Bed Jump!:
Location: Signal Hill
Conceptualist/Producer: Kelly Vaagsland Wainwright
Photographer: Antonia Steyn
Photographic Assistants: Kristin Lee Moolman
Hair & Make-Up Artist: Tasha McDonald
Assistants: Saul Wainwright, One League
Lighting: Digital Brothers
Sponsors: Bed King, Mr. Price Home, Restorabilia, Peninsula Runners

Letter-Size (A4) Limited Edition Print:

R650 (south african rands)
US Dollars: $123

A2 Size Limited Edition Print:

R1500 (south african rands)
US Dollars: 265

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