Behind-the -Scenes Story:
The black lady had a grand time. Though presently a domestic worker, we think she should consider a career in modeling. She said she wanted to do more!

The white lady asked me if she could participate in the shoot after hearing I was doing it with a black lady. “Don’t you need a fat white lady as well?” LOVE HER!  LOVE THEM! Thank you, Ladies. You are Simply Gorgeous.

Flesh Couture Showering:
Location: Cape Farmhouse, Red Hill, Cape Town
Conceptualist/Producer: Kelly Vaagsland Wainwright
Photographer: Charley Pollard
Assistants: Angela Katschke
Sponsors: Lakeside Build & Decor

Letter-Size (A4) Limited Edition Print:
R650 (south african rands)
US Dollars: $123

A2 Size Limited Edition Print:
R1500 (south african rands)
US Dollars: 265

Go to
& send us a mail with your order, &/or send us a msg here on fb.

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