So – after returning from 16 months in Cape Town, I have found myself going through a box of letters & cards dating back all the way to 1993!!  I have found myself struck by the cards/letters from my friend Nancy(pants).  Witty!  Creative!  Clever!  Always – fun!

So – here is my all-time favorite card, right before a trip I took to Mexico (on my own!), in 2001:

Kelly –

Enjoy your Mexican adventure.  May kind people and sunshine follow you like a happy puppy.  May you feel as beautiful as a butterfly and as free as a postcard addressed to “the World”.  Enjoy yourself as a famous writer incognito planning your next best seller.  Be wild like Annie Oakley & demure as Jackie O!  Sing loud for people that like you & louder for those that don’t!  Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy, & then Enjoy some more!



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