Recently I’ve felt the need to express the importance of not only jumping on a bed (a given!), but throwing a freakish tantrum, like a baby…

I think the truth is, we all need to do it from time to time – & in the context of a padded room :), or maybe just your living room floor, or your best friend’s big yard…I strongly encourage you to DO IT!!

Look at how healthy little kids are.  Not only do they glow & grin from cheek to cheek endlessly, while jumping & skipping down the street.  They freak out all the time!  The point is – they get it out of their system.

There’s not a lot of passive-aggressive behavior going on amongst them!  I’m not encouraging you to pull your friend’s or your boss’s hair, just because you feel like it!  no.  Not to be mirrored!  But, Scream…lay on the floor & kick your legs because you have to for your own health – DO IT!!

I think we’ll all be a much happier & healthier society for it…

Happy flailing!

Posted by:messymonkeyarts

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