Birdie Couture:
Location: Stellenbosch
Conceptualist/Producer: Kelly Vaagsland Wainwright
Photographer: Inge Prins
Assistant: Malikah Abdullah
Fashion Designer: Doreen Southwood
Assistant: Lisa van Heerden
Model: Naomi King (ice models)
Make-Up Artists:Cindy Horton
Weaver Nest Design: Porky Hefer
Sponsors:  Tokara Olive Shed

Price: R3500 (south african rands)
Est. in other currencies (bear in mind, they may fluxuate a bit):
US Dollars: 475
Euro: 350
Pounds: 315
We ship anywhere, & we take credit cards via Paypal.
Go to, & send us a mail with your order, &/or send us a msg here.

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