The Vision:

City Oaks covered in the foilage of cloth. Yes – in bright and brilliant, colorful gestures of silk, cotton, shweshwe, knotted yarn, felt, aluminnum foil, feathers, hot pink faux fur, rubbery strands and scraps. With models covered in similar gestures standing in front of the trees. A runway show, showcasing their garments. A dance, dancers unfurling out of the trees. A glorification of the trees in their barren winter season. A rare display of “wow”. A sign & statement of spring. of hope. of beauty. of color. A bold and daring statement, announcing designers, with a shout of prolific festivity, celebration and grandeur.

The Result:

1 vision.  5 creatives with the assignment: to dress 5 city Oaks with 30 meters of fabric each.  5 fashion designers, all ranging from emerging to very-well-established, with the assignment: to dress the models with remnant pieces of fabric (3 to 10 meters), on 5 professional models. 4 Make-Up Artists with the assignment: to complete the look. 1 Photographer with the assiganment: to come in with a fresh perspective and capture!

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