I love that my friend Dan didn’t use straigt-edges to cut his models (in arch. school).  I love that he tore the chip-board/cardboard instead.  I love that he brought in buckets of mud to construct other models.

He is my hero.

To make a straight line, it should actually be intentionally a bit squiggly, ’cause you’ll never get it Exactly right.  And, there is SO MUCH MORE beauty in that squiggle than a (so often) contrived effort at perfection – in my opinion!

I love guys who wear “alice bands” & paint their toenails blue; if it is authentic that is.  It must be authentic for them.

Not to “be weird”.

Just because it’s “THEM”, as the case may be.



Not “from the tribe of alice bands”…

More a bit of that “marching to the beat of your own drummer” vibe, in the most Genuine way…where it’s like you almost Have to do it (whatever that “it” may be), to align yourself with yourself.

Reveling in it,

without any real care or consideration of any peripheral distractions.

(ps – just fyi, I also love my friend Brian with his perfectly-parted hair, glasses, & top-button topped).  I loved that he always said, “Ta ta!”, like none other.  No mess,  No rips, No tears,  No scraggly edge…Nothing outta line, but 100% Authentically Him.

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