I talked to my friend the other day.

She was bored, to the point of (in her words) “depression”.

She said my blog always felt so joyful, & she wanted to tap in.

I asked what little thing might make her laugh.  She mentioned a board game.  I said DO IT!  It doesn’t have to be overly “silly” or take any more time than 2 seconds…but what would it be?  What would float your boat?  Mix up your day?  Make you feel a little more alive?!

As I was thinking about it, these are some things that came through my mind:

  • check out a bunch of Dr. Suess books from the library (no children required!)
  • bat your lashes, really fast
  • do something you did when you were kids, like build a fort, or have a “foot war”
  • make Christmas cookies in April
  • rent a sting of 80’s movies (bonus:  get out those old posters of Molly Ringwald & Jon Bon Jovi, & slap them up on the wall!)
  • spray yourself with a hose
  • go to the beach
  • dance a jig, at work
  • quit the job you hate & sell flowers
  • take a Chinese lit class in Mexico
  • eat at the same place 3x in one day.  Order the same thing.  Make sure to use the same wait staff.

Just some food for thought.

Again – it’s gotta be what floats YOUR boat.  Your own personal “soul requests” that are calling out to be lived!

Good luck & have fun!

Posted by:messymonkeyarts

One thought on “Bored?

  1. I love it Kel.

    You always inspire me to let myself be who I am without being critical of myself. I like that…it feels good and scary just to imagine.


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