You may be wondering…WHAT IS MY NAME?

ok – I was born Kelly Woxland.

Woxland is Norwegian.  But – in Norway, you would never pronounce it like you do (Wox, rhyming with Fox in a Box)…

Vaagsland is another version of the spelling, & is a bit more accurate phonetically, & looks way more cool (in my opinion).  The 2 a’s make an “o” sound, & the “d” is silent.

After I got married, I took his name, Wainwright (which is British, & means something like “wagon-wheel maker”).  It’s ok in general, but also in general NOT me!

Vaagsland means something more like “inlet in a fjord”.  I love this, & love picturing myslef kayaking in a fjord, only to clamp on my cross-country skis afterwards to ski home!

So – there you go.

Kelly Vaagsland Wainwright it is!  (unofficially!)

Posted by:messymonkeyarts

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