Depasco’s, corner of Long & Kloof, 11am to 1pm.
This Jump was Hilarious.
First of all, the minute I set the bed up, some reporters from THE DAILY VIEW arrived.
The next minute, a photographer from the CAPE ARGUS.
Next – ETV.
It was like a paparazzi for bed-jumpers!
My favorite jumper of the day was the “guy on the orange vespa”. He was CLASSIC!
Out of the blue, he pulls up, with matching orange helmut, & starts giving us these rockstar jumps on the bed. All of the media was there to catch it. It was too hilarious!
In fact, it was so good, ETV asked him to replay his entrace.

Next, came a bit of an older chap than Mr. Vespa (aka, maybe in his later 50’s?), with his little dog. He carefully placed his dog on one end of the bed, asking him to “Stay”, while he himself proceeded to run & plunge on from the other end. What characters!
Cape Town – you are…
Today – I am speechless…
thank you!

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