I pitched up @ Greenmarket Square to discover a “ghost town”.
I tried St. George’s mall @ Strand, to Guarantee to some “traffic”…
All of Cape Town was at the beach, my friend!
It was HOT! It was Sunday. It was Valentine’s Day.
My friendly bed-runner Andrew & I decided it wouldn’t benefit anyone for me to sit there for 2 hours with not-a-soul to jump with.

Instead let me tell you – this whole experience is reminding me of a video I saw on FREE HUGS. A guy goes & stands in the square with a FREE HUGS sign. Everyone ignores him. Then, a sweet old granny hugs him. Soon, people are jumping on top of him. Others are holding the sign. Others are getting bear-hugged.

It also makes me think – I like this version of “flash mob”. True flash mobs are for an “exclusive” group of people who know something others don’t. They get a good kick. They either trip out, disturb, or give others a good kick as well. But, what I’m liking about JUMP for the general public is that that’s exactly what it is: for one & all…
Everyone can join in.

Meet me tomorrow at Depasco’s Bakery from 10am-12pm, 8 Kloof St.

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