Dear Kelly,
1. Tell me about the day you realized you are an artist?
When an art rep selling $30,000 paintings that I loved hunted me down to see the “rest of my work”, after seeing the signs I’d drawn for an apple stand.
2. Please finish the sentence: An artist is……
a person expressing what they need to express, in whatever medium that turns out to be.
3. JUMP sounds and look like an amazing endeavour, what have you the creator of it drawn(or gained)  from it?
Intense/Immense satisfaction.  When it became clear that this is what I needed to do, I honestly felt “This is why I’m on the Earth!”.
I can say that I laugh at every shoot.
4. Did people immediately realize what it was all about, dit you have to encourage them?
I didn’t have to do too much prodding.  We are connected with a charity organization, so I think that helped with some of the luring.  And, if there was some resistance, the smiles were hard to wipe off their faces once they got going.
5. What do you hope will result from JUMP, even in your wildest dreams?
Personally – I’d like a sponsor or patron of some kind  to call me up & say they want to support me in my work for the rest of my life!  (hello – are you there?  Did you hear this?)  🙂
This PLAY JUMP EAT business is not done!…
*This said, I Will also take a sponsor for at least the next leg of the project (if not a lifelong contract!).  🙂
In addition, of course if some contagious bed-jumping gives a few people a kick & a good laugh – a jolt of remembering that freedom & bliss they once had from a pillow fight or a chinese fire drill – taking them out of the daily grind even if just for a moment, I’ll take it.  This would also be fab!

6. You have travelled and lived all over the word, how does place or location influence your work?
I am drawn toward the color of cultural diversity (as Cape Town & San Francisco are prime examples), & yet I so value the simple, small-town upbringing I had.  It gave me a lovely, safe platform to spring from.
To further answer your question tho – my intial thoughts on my “Bed Jump” concept were definitely global.  They were about a common thread tying all mankind together through the simplicity of jumping on a bed – be you a cowboy in Texas, or a monk in Bangkok.  I feel the visuals of this also help bring out the flavor & beauty in any space or location.
7. Your work taps into the notion of play that not even children (sadly) do enough  anymore! How do you get people to play, think outside the box. And why is it important?
Play is Critical.  Joy is fundamental.  Otherwise – what’s the point?  What differenciates us from ants waking & building their hills, eating, & reproducing?  (this could get deep!).  I think it’s easy to forget our human side if we wake & sleep & wake & sleep to the same repetitive drone again and again.   (aka – simple “survival”).  We must tap into and acknowledge the spice of life, & not forget to smell it’s flavors – (& this not Only through a beer on Friday night, &/or a weekend siesta!).  For it seems though this may be refreshing at times, with all good intent, even This after time may begin to feel “deadening” & simply part of the “groundhog’s day”; if not thrown in with a bit of spontaneity or the unexpected.

I believe going into this space is often best done through some sort of gentle transformation, so as not to shock the system or alienate too much.  That said – I do fantasize about offices having regular “office chair” races on the sidewalk, or at 3pm (random) getting up for 30 seconds to dance a jig.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate, & Why not?!  I truly believe these kind of small injections help refresh & reawaken in both simple, practical, productive, & unexpected ways.  It’s good for one’s health – for the soul;  to integreate and remind ourselves of this inner “pinch me!  I’m alive!” playfulness and connection to our senses.  I find it quite easy to satiate in even small doses.

How do I get people to participate?  I Never ever force it.  My intent is not to change anyone or anything.  I am simply offering suggestions or enticements.  My theme is more “I dare you”.  And with this, I am met with some resistance at times, in which case I either let them walk away, or I find they are the ones who end up either “screaming for more paint”, or can’t stop jumping on the bed!  (altho – be warned – it is a workout!).

8. What have you as an artist gained from working here in Cape Town? and on the festival  Infecting the City?

Cape Town has incredible light.  Incredible color.  Incredible landscapes.  Incredibly willing people.  Incredible diversity.  It has been incredibly easy to get people on board this project in this space.   I had always been intrigued by ITC, & always had a desire to add something “playful” to it.  I’m thrilled & honored

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