I contacted a photographer back in the States.

I told her I had to sit in a bathtub filled with eggs in the middle of a field, with my hair ratted with a bird’s nest in it, bright, red lipstick, & cowboy boots sticking out.  a pitchfork resting on the tub. a chicken on the edge.

Paige Green (photographer) said to me, “We’re doing it tomorrow!”.  The next morning she called & said:  “there’s a tub in a field, & I’m boiling 30 dozen hard-boiled eggs”.

kudos – Paige Green!
It was official. I was truly obsessed with Play. With Abundant Images, that somehow tweaked everyday reality, that suggested & provoked a slight shift in perspective…with the common themes of:  joy, abundance. playfulness, & beauty.

Enter me in Cape Town.  The ideas are brimming over & out my ears; my eyeballs…but I’d decided the place I wanted to start  was with…

A BED. Bed-jumping.  Classic.  Everyone can relate, from Cairo to Uzbekistan. I saw it worldwide.  This idea a Thread if you will, tying common humanities together with play & joy – Cowboys could do it.  Moviestars.  Presidents.  Models.  Garbage men.

I wanted to shoot everyone in their own context:

chinese women,in all their glory:  gold teeth & polyester pants…Jumping on The Bed in the middle of their Chinatown Street.

– San Francisco ballet dancers in full garb, Jumping on The Bed on their stage.

I would range the gammut, across the globe, everyone back to something we could all connect with.  Simple.

Mexican taco truck workers.  Prime Ministers.  LA Gangsters.  Maids from the Mt. Nelson Hotel.  Surfers on Muizenberg Beach.  Fishermen from Kalk Bay Harbor.  83-yr. old ladies at the St. James Tidal Pool.

The list goes on…


I started the official “PLAY JUMP EAT” project in Cape Town, solely working with photographer Inge Prins in March of 2009.  It gradually evolved, & ended up with me including 3 other photographers (Charley Pollard, Antonia Steyn, & Saul Wainwright respectively), & has ended up being a year-long project.  What started with me simply capturing the BED JUMP images evolved into me capturing many of the other delicious ideas I had in my head, resulting in what we now call our other “chapter”, aka:  CAPE COUTURE. Through auction &/or book sales we will share our profits with the Tertia Kindo Arts Project, aka: dance school in Ocean View.

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